Represented thePhilippines inMicrosoft’s Imagine Cup.Won 1st place in 2010.*wildfire LOOKING FOR AN INTERESTING COMPANYTO INTERN WITH, OR WORK AT?hello there!MIGHTWESUGGEST,FORYOURCONSIDERATION:BYIMPLICATIONEST.2011DEVELOPERS +ENGINEERSYOU MIGHT’VE HEARD OF US:COOL STUFFWEB PLATFORMSMOBILE APPS(andwaymore)We've got everything fromfor you to play with, learn from, and make better.Any job you get from us is going to be a challenge. It might be weird. Itmight be hard. It will be hard. But it's definitely not going to be boring —ever. And don't worry, we'll take care of you.DESIGNERS +ARTISTSDrop us a line ifyou're interested inHEY DESIGNERS + ARTISTSHEY DEVELOPERS + ENGINEERSYou don’t need to know allof these, mind you. But themore, the manyier.ARE YOU A HYBRID CODER + DESIGNER CHIMERA?JOIN US, CHOSEN ONE, AND BE TREATED FOREVERAS A GOD. We need interface designers for mobile + desktop apps. IA. / UX know-how a bonus.Web designers welcome too. (check out and — HTML/CSS3 wizardry a plus.Love games? Knock if you do character designs and concept art. Kick down the door if you animate. We create awesome apps for iOS + Android, and often need to make custom controls. Sound fun?We also build infrastructure, platforms, + APIs for web apps that need to scale big and hard. (yes.)We code games the hard way — custom engines + toolchains from scratch. We prototype in Unity. Illustrator / PhotoshopHTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScriptFront-end interaction magicWireframing + Prototyping3D Modelling + TexturingSpritesheets / Pixel ArtAfter Effects / 2D AnimationJuggling + coffee-makingC, C++, Obj-C native codeSwift, OpenGL, UnityJava and Android SDKScala + PlayFrameworkReact JS, Clojure, PostgresServer Admin + DevOpsbuild custom tools + enginesEuro! Training! We’re also launching Storylark. It’s a marketand community forindependent comic creators + enthusiasts. thanks!Please include a copy of your résumé, or CV.A link to your portfolio or code would be good too.toto Get directions for bus,jeepney, and train.Winner, Philippine TransitApp See where the government isspending your money. Leavefeedback on projects. Winner,#KabantayNgBayan hackathon.budgetbadger We're working on aton of new stuff, andwe'relooking for peopleto help us out. We also work with otherlocal startups who are doingcool things– Sari is buildingtech to help sari-sari storesand the underserved.sariSOFTWARESOLUTIONS